Xdebug PHP Recognizer

Convenient representation of complex structures

Converts difficult to understand log files in visual form suitable for analysis.

Generation of diagrams for CASE tools

Allows you to use a functional of CASE tools for the static and dynamic analysis.

Well suited for OO-systems

Logs are converted to the sequence diagram, convenient for the analysis of OO-systems.

Easiness reverse-engineering

By choosing necessary moment of state of the data or html markup, you can keep track of how they are formed.

Serviceand its Abilities

Quick search of methods

Looking through the trace log it is necessary to use full-text search to find needed classes method calls, to remember the placement of finded calls in order to return to them. After the conversion of trace log in the sequence diagram it becomes much easier to navigate in the structure of calls.

All classes - "as the palm"

When researching OO-programs it should be identified classes are participating in the performance of PHP programs. To find all the classes involved directly you must view the log for a long time, or use a word search. By using Recognizer you do not have to do it - all classes will be visible immediately.

The sequence diagram - a better representation of log files

Trace log contains a lot of useful information for the analysis of object-oriented systems. This information is converted into a sequence diagram - one of the best means of dynamic analysis of such systems.

You can clearly see the changes of the objects states

The state of objects during program execution difficult to track through the trace log - this will have to memorize the states of the objects themselves and places in the log where these objects are met in an argument or return value of the call. Recognizer eliminates unnecessary work and allows you to concentrate on the essentials.

Convenience of analyzing the structure of calls

In order to understand the call hierarchy by viewing log trace you need to manually keep track of special characters, almost immediately it becomes a major obstacle in the work. Recognizer building a sequence diagram on which all call hierarchy is visible at once.

Chart for CASE tools - a more detailed analysis

Importing service generated files to the CASE programs you can apply their rich functionality and extensive UML modeling language for the static and dynamic analysis. Currently supported the generation of files for import into Visual Paradigm.

Help and Terms of Use

The format of the trace log necessary for proper operation of the service.

For proper operation of the service trace log should be formed in a specific format. To do this in php.ini should be written in the following parameters:

  • xdebug.auto_trace=On
  • xdebug.trace_output_dir="C:\www\xdebug\tracing"
  • xdebug.collect_return=1
  • xdebug.collect_params=4
Do not forget to change the address in xdebug.trace_output_dir on you own. Description of the installation and configuration of Xdebug on the official site

Why in the diagram there is no specific object classes?

On the generated sequence diagram, there are no specific objects of classes, since to obtain such information from the trace log is impossible. Method calls of these classes are either static methods or calling of the specific object class.

What does the left panel shows?

Panel shows the names of the calling and called class when one of these classes is not visible on the screen.

How to see the values ​​of the arguments and return values ​​of calls?

Detailed values ​​can be viewed by clicking on the cross above the arrow method or return value.

Download Visual Paradigm, description of the program.

Version of Visual Paradigm for UML Community Edition is free, you can download it - here. The official website of the program here.

Why service generates several files to import?

Large chart imported into Visual Paradigm can not open completely, not enough RAM, so the the chart should be divided into several parts, and import each of them separately. Number of pieces chosen by experience with the slider.

How to import a chart in Visual Paradigm?

Unpack the archive, in Visual Paradigm, select File -> Import -> XML ... In the window that appears, select the xml file of the chart. Click OK. After that, the imported chart should appear in the Diagram Navigator in the Sequence Diagram.

What is the relationship between a parts of the diagram for Visual Paradigm?

Generated xml files are parts of one diagramm. Xml file numbering sequence corresponds to the sequence of calls in trace log. Inside parts of the diagram there are pointers to the calling or called classes that are not in this part, but they are in another part.